• There are two ways that a chemical reaction can crack concrete. First, it’s because the concrete has cements or aggregates, which simply aren’t compatible. Actually, this is not something that you must be very concerned about since the concrete’s manufacturer already know what certain kinds of these materials are considered a problem in your location. The second is that it’s very much under control.

Concretes Crack

  • Corrosion often takes place the moment the concrete that has steel wire mesh or steel re-bar gets wet as well as comes in contact with oxygen. And the only way that this can occur is the moment small cracks can develop in the concrete because of one of the many reasons stated in this article as well as channel water into the concrete’s crack. The moment water reaches a steel material, it will then start to rust and rust is very expansive. As a matter of fact, as the steel or metal rusts, it can push out as well as cause more cracking. The only prevention here is that you ensure that you treat all tiny cracks before they will become bigger cracks.
  • Drying shrinkage can also occur the moment a concrete slab, which is restrained is already shrinking or drying. Oftentimes, this doesn’t occur on a free-floating concrete slab. It’s more of an issue the moment a concrete slab is tied into different structure such as a wall with rebar.
  • Settlement cracks also occur the moment the ground that is underneath a concrete slab moves. This can also be due to tree roots, not correct kind of sand or soil, water erosion, or even poorly compacted soil
  • The concrete material is actually designed to take loads.Most residential driveways and sidewalks are made to take the small truck or a car’s weight. The moment you decide to back up an M-60 tank or a dump truck loaded with tandem axle on your residential driveway, then you should not be surprised the moment your concrete slab cracks.   

It’s extremely important that you are knowledgeable enough with all the things that the professionals try to avoid. As a matter of fact, professional concrete experts in KC often use control joints. These are typically an acknowledgement that a concrete will crack. As a matter of fact, control joins can help a lot in order to eliminate concrete slab cracks or channel where the cracks will occur.  

Lastly, the moment you notice any crack in your concrete slab, it is best that you ask help from the professionals because they are highly trained and experienced in this area. As a matter of fact, professional concrete contractors have already serviced different residential or commercial properties, which means they might have already repaired or installed concrete projects or issues similar to yours. Having said that, the moment you choose to hire a professional concrete contractor in your location, the job will be surely done right fast and in a professional and safe way, knowing that you are working with the experts.